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Solar & Battery Storage

Quality is key when choosing a solar or battery storage system, which is why we are passionate about providing quality service, materials and installations.

Our team are experienced with both commercial and residential installations - plus we're Clean Energy Council Accredited in both battery storage, and solar PV design and install.


Choosing the right system for you

Solar is an affordable and environmentally friendly way to power your home or business.


With the constant increase of electricity prices, it's also a great way to reduce your reliance on the grid and save on your energy bill.


But how do you know which system is right for you? Well, that's where we come in!

Using aerial imagery, our team will map your solar design to ensure we choose the perfect position for your system. Then we'll take a look at your quarterly energy consumption to ensure we recommend the best technology for your home or business.

We want you to get the most out of your solar, which is why we will work with you to determine the best system to suit your needs and budget.

Why add battery storage?

Battery storage is a great way to help you reduce your impact on the grid at peak times when electricity prices are at their highest. Instead of putting your excess solar production back to the grid, your solar battery will charge throughout the day using the extra solar power produced.

Once the sun goes down, your solar battery will kick in to offset your power usage during those peak times, drastically reducing your electricity bill.

In case of a blackout or grid failure, there are also options available with battery storage to run an emergency power supply to different loads in your house.


Some of the Brands We Recommend

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Ready to invest in solar or battery?

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